Frequently Asked Questions

What are baked or roasted snacks?

Baking is a process of cooking using dry heat. The best examples of baked food stuffs are Cakes and Bread. Peppy Cheese Balls too are baked.

Why are Peppy Cheese Balls orange in colour?

Natural peprika, an ingredient used in Peppy Cheese Balls gives them an orange colour.

What does "25% less oil as compared to potato chips" in Peppy tomato Discs really mean ?

Potato chips on an average contain 30% - 40% of oil. Peppy Tomota Discs, in comparison, contain 22-27% of oil, making them a healthier option as they have 25% lesser oil than potato chips.

What does "30% less oil as compared to potato chips" in Peppy cheese balls really mean ?

Potato chips on an average contain 30% - 40% of oil. Peppy Cheese Balls, in comparison, contain 19-24% of oil, making them a healthier option as they have 30% lesser oil than potato chips.

What does "No Onion No Garlic" proclaimation for Peppy cheese balls mean ?

The Jain stance on non-violence goes beyond vegetarianism.They believe in excluding root vegetables from their diet to preserve the lives of plants. For this purpose they avoid consuming potatoes, garlic and onions.
'Peppy Cheese Balls' use none of these ingredients, thus catering to the Jains.

What is Gluten Sensitivity ?

Gluten is a sticky storage protein found in wheat.There are many individuals who are gluten sensitive.It can range from mild inflammation of small intestine to coeliac disease.
Such Individuals cannot have any food containing Wheat, maida or suji. Our Product like"Peppy Cheese Ball" are customized to meet the special dietry obligations of such individuals, thus making it fit for consumption to this group as well.

What is Refined Vegetable oil?

Vegetable oils are fatty materials extracted from plants. We use Imported Refined Vegetable Oil, i.e. Palm Oil. Palm Oil is largest natural source of Tecopherol, a part of Vitamin E family.
Palm oil is also high in Vitamin K and dietry magnesium. It is cholestrol free and does not contain any transfat. It is the best frying oil that is used to prepare our food snacks.

What are Cholesterol Free Snacks?

Cholesterol is a waxy liquid alcohol found in cell membrane & transported in blood. It is essential for the cell membrane. Although it is essential for life, a high level of the same can cause arthrosclerosis. It can be synthesized by our body and so need not be consumed. Our snacks do not contain cholesterol. Hence you can enjoy them without worrying about your cholesterol levels.

What does Trans Free Fat Snacks mean?

Fats are of the Good and Bad type. Trans fat are bad fat that are formed during the process of hydrogenation of fats from oil. The human digestive system cannot break down trans fat, so they remain in blood streams for long period of time, depositing in blood vessels and increasing the chances of coronary heart disease. Our snacks are free of trans fat so you can enjoy them as much as you want without a hint of worry.

What is MSG?

Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG) is a substance used to enhance the flavour of foods. Some consumers report sensitivity to MSG. For these consumers our Company offers a variety of snacks that devoid of MSG.

What is Lactose Intolerance?

Lactose is a sugar in milk. There are many consumers who cannot digest lactose and report of allergic reactions. These symptoms are known as 'Lactose Intolerance'. Peppy tomato Discs are free of lactose and hence are suitable for such consumers.

What does the tag 'All Natural Ingredients' actually signify?

All Ingredients in our snacks are farm fresh and we do not add any chemicals, preservatives or colours.

What does the tag 'No Added Preservatives' on our snacks actually signify?

A Preservatives is a natural or synthetic substance that is added to products to prevent decomposition by microbilogical growth or by undesireable chemical change. Despite their benefits, many synthetic preservatives are said to be toxic to humans. Our Products are healthier as they do not have any synthetic preservatives added.

What is meant by our claim 'All Natural Colour' in our snacks?

Usually Synthetic / Natural Colours are added to food to give it an alluring appearance. Our snacks contain only Natural Colours and hence are healthier.