h Peppy Snacks

Company Info

Venkataramana Food Specialities Limited (VFSL)

Allow us to introduce ourselves as a company of food lovers who enjoy sharing with you a ‘taste’ of something different yet healthy and fulfilling. It is for this reason that Venkataramana Food Specialties Limited (VFSL) is consistently recognized as a prominent manufacturer of snack foods. We’ve been around for over 18 years, bringing you high quality brands of distinguishable repute like Peppy,Cheese Balls, Piknik, Simba and Senor Pepito; all the names being synonymous with snack food lovers all over the country.

Our fresh and extruded snacks use the choicest of raw materials like corn, rice, wheat, potato flour and more. Most of our products do not involve frying to ensure you live healthy without piling those extra kilos. Ours is a resolve to keep producing premium snacks that raise the bar of taste, health and uniqueness. To this end we would like to thank you, our fellow foodies, for your unwavering support and hope that it continues in the time to come.

Feel free to connect to us for any comments at feedback@smfood.com

  • Introduced in the year 1990, it continues to remain favourite among younger generation.
  • Peppy is Protein enriched as it contains Soya Flour.It contains all Natural Spices.There are No Artificial Colours or Preservatives.It is fried in 100% Vegetable Oil
  • The products are marketed in attractive and high quality packaging. The Peppy range rolls out of state of the art manufacturing facilities.